Joint Yet Personalized Account

  • Streamlined family banking
  • Individual debit cards
  • Plan your future together

Suvi is the only online bank that allows your whole family to manage, spend, track, and analyze your income and expenses together.

Why Choose Suvi?

Ultimate Family Banking Solution

Suvi simplifies banking for the entire family, providing a versatile app that enables families to manage, spend, track, and analyze their income and expenses in one place.

Our fee-free joint accounts can be easily opened through the Suvi mobile app or, allowing families to manage, spend, track, and analyze their income and expenses together. Plan your financial future with your loved ones and experience the convenience of banking on your own terms with Suvi.

Streamlined Joint Banking

Suvi gives you the flexibility to manage your finances how you want. You can choose to have an individual or joint account, or both, based on your preferences. you have the option to manage part of your finance jointly and the rest individually. When you link external bank accounts, they are only visible to you, not your joint account holder, providing an added layer of privacy.

Plus, each joint account holder gets their own debit card to track their expenses, giving you full visibility and control of your finances.

Enabling Financially Savvy Teens

Our family banking includes fee-free teen banking. It’s never too early to help your teens instill good spending habits. Teens get free checking and savings accounts with individual debit cards, giving them the tools they need to manage their money responsibly. Parents maintain control and visibility while teens gain financial freedom.

Working teens can receive their direct deposit up to two days early*. Plus, teens can monitor and forecast expenses and savings, encouraging early fiscal responsibility. Parents can set allowances, chores, and restrict spending by categories. Choose Suvi for a family banking experience that empowers your teens and sets them on the path to financial success.


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