Savings Account with 3% APY Interest

  • Earn 3% APY interest on your savings*
  • Plan your spending through Pots
  • Convenient autosave functionality

Suvi rewards savings with interest that is 50 times greater than the national average interest rate (.06% APY)

Why Choose Suvi?

AutoSave for your Lifestyle

We make it easy for you to save, even while you're not actively managing your account. Use AutoSave with your savings account to:

  • Save when you get paid: Automatically save a portion of your paycheck each month.
  • Save Periodically: Save a fixed amount periodically—either weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly.
  • Save when you spend: Suvi offers the option to round up your purchases to the nearest $1 - $5, so you can add to your savings account every time you order Starbucks or splurge on a new pair of shoes. Consider it a useful way to maximize your savings.

Boost Savings with 3% APY Interest

Tired of earning the national average interest of 0.06% on your savings account with traditional banks?

We reward you for banking with us by providing a 3.00% APY interest on high-yield savings account*.

Conceptualize your Dreams

Use Pots to plan short- and long-term spending for anything from that dream trip to Bali to a celebratory dinner with friends or a down payment for your house.

Visualize and achieve both short- and long-term financial targets. You’ll have the opportunity to either leave your Pots unlocked or lock them to a specific date to curb temptations.


Get Started Today

Tired of how long it takes to open an account? Suvi has simplified the process—it takes less than a minute to get started.