Supercharge Savings with Suvi

  • Earn a 4.50% APY on savings*
  • Plan your spending through Pots
  • Effortless AutoSave

Suvi rewards your savings with an interest rate that is 12 times greater than the national average interest rate of 0.33% APY**.

Why Choose Suvi?

Maximize Savings: 4.50% APY

Tired of paltry savings account returns with traditional banks? Suvi rewards your financial prudence with a generous 4.50% APY interest rate on your savings*

Our high-yield savings account ensures your money works diligently to accelerate your path to financial success.

AutoSave for your Lifestyle

Suvi understands the importance of saving, and we've made it effortless with AutoSave. It adapts to your lifestyle by allowing you to:

  • Autosave a portion of paycheck.
  • Save a fixed amount on a periodic basis.
  • Round up your purchases to $1 - $5.

Dream Big with Pots

Suvi's Pots feature empowers you to plan and save for your short- and long-term financial dreams, whether it's a dream vacation or a down payment on your dream home.

Pots help you allocate your savings effectively, and by locking them to specific dates, you maintain financial discipline while visualizing and realizing your financial goals with ease.


Get Started Today

Tired of how long it takes to open an account? Suvi has simplified the process—it takes less than a minute to get started.