Banking with Security at Its Core

  • Next-generation app with security as a priority
  • Secure data protection using 128-bit AES encryption
  • Instantly block your card or international purchases

Rest easy knowing that your deposits with Suvi are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through Community Federal Savings Bank.

Why Choose Suvi?

Your Security is our Priority

At Suvi, we understand that keeping your money and personal data secure is essential. That's why we've built our next-generation app with advanced security features and state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of protection for your information. Our 128-bit AES encryption, access control, and secure processes ensure that your money and personal data are always safe from unauthorized access.

We also use real-time monitoring and notification systems to alert you about your account activities, including incoming and outgoing transactions. With Suvi, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your banking activities are always secure and protected.

Instantly Block Your Card Anytime

Suvi puts the power of your debit card in your hands. With our mobile app or website, you can instantly block your card, or enable/disable international purchases. You don't have to wait on customer service, giving you peace of mind that you can manage your card at any time.

We understand that security is a top concern for our customers. That's why we use EMV chip technology and advanced security features to protect your card and your money. With Suvi, you can have peace of mind that your card is always secure and protected.

Shop with Confidence

Shop worry-free and enjoy peace of mind with Visa Zero Liability. Suvi's debit card purchases are protected by the Visa Zero Liability* Policy, to ensure that cardholders will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges.

Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

Suvi goes beyond just secure banking by providing real-time alerts and notifications for your banking activities. From incoming funds such as direct deposits to outgoing funds such as purchases, transfers, and payment requests, you'll always be in the know.

At Suvi, we believe that informed banking is safe banking. This added layer of transparency and control allows you to stay on top of your finances.

FDIC-Insured Deposits

At Suvi, we understand the importance of keeping your hard-earned money safe and secure. That's why we offer FDIC insurance on all deposits up to $250,000 through our partner, Community Federal Savings Bank.

With Suvi, you can have peace of mind that your money is protected and secure.