One App Does it All

  • Our streamlined app simplifies banking
  • Joint & teen accounts with 3% APY
  • Spend, save, and budget with ease

Finally, an integrated banking core and app built by a tech company.

Why Choose Suvi?

Modern and Intuitive Banking App

Suvi makes mobile banking effortless—our modern and intuitive banking app offers an array of features, handling everything from tracking your spending and savings to instantly payments.

Built by Silicon Valley executives with deep expertise in tech and banking, we are the only digital bank with an integrated next-generation banking core and app and an end-to-end product offering for all your banking needs. We use AI and machine learning to offer budgeting and goal-monitoring tools.

Banking Simplified

Our app is rich with features and functionality in an easy-to-use format. You will have quick access to your checking account, savings account, pots (for your short- and long-term goals), instant payments, instant transfers, expense details, and forecasts.

We also provide fee-free overdraw with direct deposit and contain no hidden charges.

Joint & Teen Accounts

Suvi is the only digital bank with one fee-free integrated app for joint and teen accounts. Teens can receive a checking account along with a debit card and a savings account with the ability to autosave periodically or round up their purchases. Parents can instantly add cash, move cash between categories, provide periodical allowances, or pay when chores are completed.

Teenagers can experience financial independence, while parents still have visibility and can limit spending by adding funds to specific categories or stores.

Instantly Pay Friends and Receive Funds

Send money instantly to anyone using our mobile banking app or website. The recipient does not need to have a Suvi account.

There are zero transaction fees or monthly fees for sending or receiving funds. Start sending money instantly with ease.

We are the only app that also allows teens to use this functionality.

Stay on Top of your Accounts

Suvi sends you daily bank account balance notifications, and instant transaction alerts any time you use your debit card or if your balance dips below a certain threshold. No need to log in just to keep track of your balance. App notifications keep you updated with the information necessary to help curate your spending and savings habits.

Auto Save for your Lifestyle

We make it easy for you to save, even while you are not actively managing your account. Use Autosave with a savings account to:

Save when you get paid: Automatically save a portion of your paycheck each month.

Save Periodically: Save a fixed amount periodically—either weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly.

Save when you spend: That’s right, you can save even while you spend! Suvi offers the option to round up your purchases to the nearest $1 - $5, so you can add to your savings account every time you get Starbucks or a new pair of shoes. Consider it a useful way to maximize your savings.

Conceptualize your Dreams

Use Pots to plan short- and long-term spending for anything from that dream trip to Bali to a celebratory dinner with friends or a down payment for your house.

Visualize and achieve both short- and long-term financial targets. You’ll have the opportunity to either leave your Pots unlocked or lock them to a specific date to curb temptations.

Deposit Checks with Mobile Check Deposit

Need to deposit a check? Just snap a quick photo with our mobile banking app and watch your account balance grow. No more deposit slips, waiting in line, or sending checks via mail. Mobile check deposit allows you to deposit checks from anywhere.

Boost Savings with 3.00% APY

Tired of earning the national average interest of 0.06% on your savings account with traditional banks?

We reward you for banking with us by providing a 3% APY interest on your high-yield savings account**.


Get Started Today

Tired of how long it takes to open an account? Suvi has simplified the process—it takes less than a minute to get started.