One App Does it All

  • Banking with joint & teen accounts
  • Credit building with zero fees
  • No Fee Send Money Abroad: Fast*

Crafted by a team of tech and finance experts, our integrated banking app is your one-stop solution for all things financial.

Why Choose Suvi?

Modern Intuitive Banking App

Suvi's app is your intuitive financial companion, designed to make banking and remittance a breeze.

Developed by Silicon Valley executives with deep experience in both technology and finance, our app seamlessly integrates the latest banking solutions.

Streamlined Banking Features

Suvi's app is packed with user-friendly features that streamline your financial life.

From personalized individual, joint, and teen checking and savings accounts to zero-fee credit building and convenient international transfers, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Manage Finances Together

Suvi is a financial technology company that empowers families to manage their finances collectively. Opt for individual or joint accounts, or a mix of both, to find your perfect balance.

We offer fee-free teen banking with personalized debit and credit cards, helping teens learn financial responsibility.

Instantly Pay and Receive Funds

Suvi takes the hassle out of payments. Our versatile platform allows you to send, receive, and request funds without juggling multiple money transfer apps.

Furthermore, we're the only app that offers teens a secured ability to instantly pay and receive funds from their friends and family.

Stay on Top with Notifications

Suvi brings you real-time alerts and notifications for all your transactions, from incoming direct deposits to outgoing purchases, transfers, and payment requests.

Informed banking is safe banking, giving you control and transparency over your finances.

Effortless AutoSavings

Saving money is a breeze with Suvi's AutoSave feature. Choose from three simple options: save when you get paid, save a fixed amount periodically, or save when you spend.

Witness your savings grow effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual saving.

Conceptualize your Dreams

Turn financial dreams into reality with Suvi's Pots. Whether it's a dream vacation or a new home, our Pots help you visualize and reach both short and long-term financial goals.

Keep your money accessible or lock it up for specific dates.

Convenient Check Deposit

Suvi makes depositing checks a breeze. Snap a quick photo and watch your account balance soar with our mobile check deposit feature.

No more waiting in line, filling out deposit slips, or sending checks in the mail.

Boost Savings with 4.50% APY

Tired of paltry interest rates from traditional banks? Suvi rewards you with an impressive 4.50% APY interest rate on savings**.

Start earning more from your money today.


Get Started Today

Tired of how long it takes to open an account? Suvi has simplified the process—it takes less than a minute to get started.