Instant FundMe Advance

  • Instant deposit to checking account
  • Advance up to $200 without worry*
  • Say goodbye to overdrafts

Experience stress-free banking with Suvi, so you can focus on what truly matters to you.

Why Choose Suvi?

A Dependable Advance

Say hello to worry-free banking with Suvi's Instant FundMe Advance of up to $200. Keep a safety net and wave goodbye to overdrafts.

At Suvi, we aim to make your banking journey as smooth as possible, and Instant FundMe Advance is just one way we strive to meet your needs.

Break Free From Overdrafts

Are overdrafts causing unnecessary stress and financial strain? Most overdrafts affect hard-working individuals living paycheck to paycheck.

That's why Suvi offers our customers an Instant FundMe Advance of up to $200 as a financial safety net. We're here to provide peace of mind and financial flexibility.

Instantly Boost Your Funds

With FundMe, gain peace of mind knowing you have instant access to an additional cushion of up to $200.

It's our way of showing gratitude for choosing us as your banking partner. At Suvi, your needs come first with worry-free banking.

Embark on FundMe Journey

To qualify for Instant FundMe Advance, simply set up a monthly direct deposit of $500 or more.

Your FundMe limit is determined based on factors such as your account activity and history with us.


Get Started Today

Tired of how long it takes to open an account? Suvi has simplified the process—it takes less than a minute to get started.