How to dispute a transaction?

If a purchase you have made does not meet your expectations, the fastest way to fix the problem is to contact the merchant directly. If the merchant has issued you a refund, please see “How long does it take to receive refunds from returns?” for more details.

If you have already tried working with the merchant and weren’t able to fix the problem, you can file a dispute using the Suvi mobile app.

Only posted transactions can be disputed. Pending charges are temporary and may change. Suvi cannot cancel a pending transaction. Only the merchant can potentially do so. Please contact the merchant to do so.

A dispute must be filed no more than 60 days after the oldest statement date on which the unauthorized transaction(s) first appeared to be eligible for a provisional credit. You may file a dispute that is older than 60 days, but it will not be eligible for a provisional credit.

Keep in mind, disputes are often resolved more quickly if you contact the merchant first. The time it takes to resolve your dispute depends on the type of dispute and the merchant, and may take up to 90 days.

All disputes are handled via email to Emails are responded to in the order they are received.

While filing a dispute, please provide the following information to help us process your request as quickly as possible:

  • Reason for the dispute
  • Disputed transaction(s) date
  • Disputed transaction(s) amount

We may ask you to send us documents or records of the charge in order to bolster your case. To get a head start, please attach any documentation such as emails, letters, invoices, receipts, contracts, or any other documents you think would be helpful in the dispute investigation.