Are you getting a better deal when transaction fees are eliminated?

It’s a common fact that every business needs to generate profits to sustain its operations.

In the realm of companies that opt not to levy transaction fees, they often rely on alternative revenue sources to cover their operational expenses. These may include adjusting the currency exchange rate offered to customers and applying fees for bank transfers or debit/credit card transactions.

However, it’s crucial to keep this in mind: The real benchmark of a remarkable deal lies in the net amount your recipient will ultimately receive, factoring in the total amount sent, inclusive of any fees.

Here at Suvi, we make it a point not to charge a per transaction fee for the vast majority of our services. In select cases involving smaller transaction amounts, a per transaction fee may be applied to deter misuse and offset operational costs.

With Suvi, you can enjoy the advantage of instant payments without the delays of bank transfers or the burden of debit/credit card fees.

We wholeheartedly extend an invitation to you to compare the net remittance amount you’ll receive with Suvi against other banks and money transmitters. Uncover the Suvi advantage and embark on your money transfer journey with unwavering confidence today!