Can I see international remittance rates without a Suvi account?

Explore International Remittance Rates Hassle-Free with Suvi

Curious about international remittance rates? At Suvi, we respect your time and energy, and we understand that opening multiple accounts just to discover rates and fees isn’t an ideal way to spend your day.

Our unwavering commitment to transparency leads us to display our rates and fees directly on our website and app. The best part? You don’t have to be our customer to access this information. Rest assured, these rates remain consistent, whether you’re logged in as a customer or browsing without an account.

Beware of Tempting Coupons and Fading Offers

It’s crucial to be cautious of enticing coupons and special offers that some providers advertise without divulging ongoing rates and fees. These tactics are designed to lure you into opening an account. However, once you become their customer, these enticing offers often fade into obscurity, leaving you to face significantly higher costs. In essence, these promotions and marketing expenses can sometimes result in their loyal customers footing the bill for acquiring new ones.

When you send funds for the first time, regulations mandate that providers conduct “Know Your Customer” validation to verify your identity. Additionally, U.S. law requires providers to implement measures to prevent money laundering.

In practice, attempting to save a few dollars on a single transaction can demand an extensive investment of your time and effort, not to mention the sharing of personal information with the provider.

Suvi: Your Partner for Transparent and Consistent Service

At Suvi, we steer clear of one-time specials or offers that vanish after you’ve joined our community. Our unwavering commitment is to provide you with the best rates, whether you’re making a single transaction or embracing our platform as a regular user. Your long-term satisfaction and financial well-being are our utmost priorities. Join Suvi today and experience a better way to send money!