With Suvi, Payday Comes Early

  • Get your paycheck up to 2 days early*
  • Receive government benefits up to 5 days early*
  • Earn 3% APY interest on your early payday deposits**

Government benefits eligible up to 5 days early include SSA, SSI, VA, child tax credit payments, and tax refunds.

Why Choose Suvi?

Your Account Funded up to 2 Days Early

With Suvi, payday comes early-receive your paycheck up to 2 days in advance when you set up direct deposit*.

Receive government benefits (SSA, SSI, VA, and Child Tax Credit payments), and tax refunds up to 5 days early*. That’s more days to do more with your money (or a financial buffer if needed).

Hassle-free Direct Deposit

With direct deposit, no longer worry about lost paychecks in the mail. Direct deposit is the safest and fastest way to receive your money.

Once you set up your direct deposit, it’s smooth sailing. Eliminate concerns about expensive prepaid cards, payday loans, lost checks, or laggy mobile payment services. Suvi protects its consumers with world-class security and FDIC insurance, reducing risks and keeping your earnings secure.

Not Just 2 Days Early Pay

Suvi offers simplified banking with no compromises—no need for additional banking apps. It is the most comprehensive banking platform with no maintenance, account minimums, or overdraft fees. You can instantly pay friends from anywhere, save effortlessly, plan for your dreams, or allow your teen to manage their finances.

The journey with Suvi begins through a quick direct deposit setup. You can enter Suvi’s account and routing number at your employer’s or payroll company’s website or use our app or website for a pre-filled form (we can also email it to you upon request). You can also find a pre-filled form with your welcome package. If you run into any issues, we are here to help. You can reach us through the Suvi mobile app or at suvicash.com.

2 Days Early Pay Explained

Here’s how it all works. Your payroll or benefits data is submitted by your employer or government agency to the Federal Reserve System. The Fed then notifies Suvi to deposit your payroll or government benefits on a particular date. Suvi funds your account as soon as we get notified (usually 2 days early) rather than waiting for payroll day.

It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting us to keep your hard-earned money safe.


Get Started Today

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