Financially Savvy Teens

  • Tools to help teens manage & save money
  • Introducing pay friends for teens
  • Direct deposit for working teens

We offer individual debit cards, the ability to set allowances, chores, limit spending by categories, and maintain visibility while encouraging financial independence.

Why Choose Suvi?

Banking for the Whole Family

We’re the only digital bank with one fee-free integrated app for joint accounts and teen accounts. Teens can open a checking account along with a debit card and a savings account. Using these tools, they can autosave periodically or round up their purchases.

Parents can instantly add cash, move cash between categories, provide periodical allowances, or pay when chores are completed.

Teens will have the opportunity to experience financial independence, while parents still have visibility and can limit their spending.

We are also the only app to allow teens to instantly pay and receive funds in a safe and secure manner.

Instantly Add Cash to your Teen’s Account

No longer worry about having $20 cash on hand while your child is rushing out the door. Once you set up your teen’s account (no fees involved), instantly transfer money from your account to your teenager’s savings or checking account. They will receive their own debit card that they can use at any time.

Securely Pay Friends and Receive Funds

We are the only app that allows teens to instantly pay friends and receive funds. To ensure security and safety, teens can instantly pay friends with funds from their Pay Friends and Spend Anywhere categories. You have control over any funds that they receive from friends.

Invest in Good Financial Habits

Helping your children master financial responsibility while keeping a close eye on their spending habits can be tricky. Suvi offers a variety of methods to do so with ease. Parents have the option to create a weekly or monthly allowance or pay for chores. They will have complete visibility and can limit spending in specific categories or stores.

Getting Paid from your Employer?

We provide a safe and secure option for teens to have their own unique account number to receive direct deposits from their employer. No more need to cash checks or use prepaid/payroll cards.

Working teens can get their direct deposit up to 2 days in advance*.


Get Started Today

Tired of how long it takes to open an account? Suvi has simplified the process—it takes less than a minute to get started.