Financially Savvy Teens

  • Teach teens money management skills
  • Introducing pay friends for teens
  • Direct deposit for working teens

At Suvi, we empower financial independence with individual debit cards, allowance and chore settings, and spending limits by categories. Parents maintain control and visibility while teens gain financial freedom.

Why Choose Suvi?

Banking for the Whole Family

Suvi is the only digital bank that offers a single, fee-free integrated app for both joint and teen accounts. Teens receive individual debit cards, checking and savings accounts, while parents can manage the accounts and provide financial support. Parents can also instantly add cash and set allowances and chores.

Suvi enables safe and secure instant payments between teens, and allows parents to set spending limits as needed. With helpful features such as autosave and round-up purchases, teenagers can conveniently build up their savings while learning about financial responsibility.

Instantly Fund Your Teen’s Account

No more worrying about your teenager running out of cash. With Suvi, parents can easily transfer funds to their teenager's account in real-time. Your teen will receive their own debit card that they can use at any time.

Parents can effortlessly support their teenager's financial needs while promoting responsible spending habits. With our platform, you can ensure your teen has access to the funds they need while still maintaining visibility and control over their spending.

Secure Money Transfer For Teens

Suvi is the only app that allows teenagers to safely and instantly transfer money to their friends. Parents can control the funds received and create a safe friend list to promote responsible money transfers.

With Suvi, teens can experience financial independence while still being guided by their parents towards responsible money management. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their teens are making safe and secure money transfers.

Cultivate Good Financial Habits

Suvi empowers parents with resources to teach their teenagers financial responsibility. Features like setting up allowances, paying for chores, and monitoring spending habits make it easy for parents to guide their teenagers towards financial independence.

With Suvi, parents have complete visibility and control over their teenager's spending habits. Investing in good financial habits early on can help teenagers build a strong foundation for their financial future.

Early Deposit for Working Teens

Suvi provides a safe and secure option for working teens to receive direct deposits from their employers, with their own unique account number. This eliminates the need to cash checks or use prepaid/payroll cards. Plus, working teens can receive their direct deposit up to 2 days in advance*.

With Suvi, teens can easily open an account online and invite a parent to sponsor their account, or a parent can invite their teen to their existing account, without the need to visit a branch. This streamlined process saves time and hassle for both parents and teens, making it an easy and convenient option for managing finances.


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