Eliminate Overdraft Fees

  • Overdraw up to $200 with FundMe*
  • No fees, interest, or tips involved
  • Cover your accidental overdrafts

We built our platform as a mission to combat banking fees.

Why Choose Suvi?

Fee-Free Overdraft

FundMe allows debit card purchases that overdraw your account with no additional overdraft fees. On average, traditional banks charge a $30 fee each time you overdraw your account. Banks make $31 billion per year off of overdraft fees, and on average, individuals pay $450 a year in banking fees**.

At Suvi, we don’t believe in punitive policies toward consumers. We allow you to overdraw up to $200 with no fees.

Unhappy with your Overdraft Fees?

Most overdraft fees are paid by regular hard-working folks who are paycheck to paycheck. Join our mission to eliminate overdraft fees from the banking system. Suvi does not charge fees or interest and does not request any tips.

FundMe Covers your Purchases

With FundMe, we cover up to $200 in overdrawn purchases using your debit card. We get repaid when you receive additional funds in your account, and we don’t charge any fees, interest, or request tips. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing us.

Your Journey with FundMe

You will need to establish a monthly direct deposit of at least $200 to be eligible for FundMe. Suvi utilizes factors such as your history with us and account activity to set the FundMe limit. You can choose to reduce the FundMe limit that we provide.


Get Started Today

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