Complete Banking Solution

  • Individual, joint & teen accounts
  • Build credit with zero fees
  • No monthly fees or minimum balance

With our comprehensive banking and remittance services, you won't require another bank account, payment app, or remittance app.

Why Choose Suvi?

Streamline Your Finances

Suvi simplifies banking with user-friendly features. The checking account includes a credit and debit card, while our savings account and Pots help you achieve your short- and long-term financial goals.

You get paid up to two days early1, request an instant advance of up to $2002, easily deposit checks, and make instant payments, all while managing your income and expenses, with our forecast tools.

Individual, joint, and teen accounts are available. You can build credit with zero fees and send money abroad with ease.

Forget the Fees

Unlike traditional banks, we do not charge monthly account maintenance fees, no minimum balance requirements, no hidden fees or surprises.

You can build credit without annual or monthly fees, interest or late fees. Send money abroad with unbeatable rates and zero fees3.

Convenient Spending Options

Suvi provides a modern credit and debit card for convenience. You can access your digital card in the mobile app or at

Adding your Suvi card to Apple Pay and Google Pay is easy, making it convenient for purchases.

You are in the Driver's Seat

With Suvi, you have control over your banking. You can disable your card or international transactions instantly, receive real-time transaction notifications, and set low balance alerts.

Suvi also lets you analyze, plan, and forecast your income and expenses, view spending patterns, track your budget, and plan for the future.

No Fee Cash Withdrawals

Suvi offers fee-free access to over 80,000 in-network ATMs and cashback locations across the country through partnerships with Visa Plus Alliance and MoneyPass4.

You can withdraw cash from frequently visited locations, including popular retailers like 7-Eleven and Target.

AutoSave as You Earn/Spend

Suvi's AutoSave feature makes saving easy. You can save when you get paid, save a fixed amount periodically, or save when you spend.

You'll be surprised at how much you can save without even noticing.

Goodbye to Payment Apps

Suvi provides everything you need to make payments and manage your finances in one place. There's no need to connect your Suvi account to other money transfer apps.

You can easily send money abroad and send, receive, or request payments from friends and family, whether or not they have a Suvi account.

Suvi offers an all-in-one payment and banking app for a better banking experience. It's designed to make your life easier and your finances more manageable.


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