Our Mission: Simplifying Banking, Eliminating Fees, and Ensuring Accessibility for All

Suvi is a fintech company that stands out in the banking industry by offering fee-free banking, instant payments, budgeting tools, goal monitoring, joint accounts, and teen accounts.

Our innovative technology-first approach, combined with our own banking core, allows us to constantly improve our features and provide unique value to our users, setting us apart from both traditional and digital banks.

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A Message from Our CEO: Suvi is a Family

Suvi: Where Users and Employees Are Part of One Big Family

At Suvi, we strive to offer a complete and accessible banking experience to everyone, regardless of their financial status or background. We believe in providing the necessary tools and resources for our users to manage their finances easily and efficiently, all in one comprehensive platform. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate fees from the banking system and give consumers the freedom they deserve.

As a company, we prioritize trust and transparency, and we are committed to reinstating belief and confidence in the banking industry. We are proud to say that our users and employees are all part of the same Suvi family, and we will always go above and beyond to provide exceptional service and support.

Leaders in Banking and Technology

Suvi's Team: A Perfect Blend of Banking and Technology Expertise

Our team at Suvi comprises highly experienced professionals who have excelled in both banking and technology domains. Our CEO, Sujan Jain, brings his expertise from working at several large banks and scaling multiple companies, some of which have gone public with valuations exceeding a billion dollars. Our CTO, Vikrant Jain, has over 20 years of experience leading technological transformations at top US banks.

Together, our team is committed to providing innovative and accessible banking solutions to our users, and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We believe that our unique blend of banking and technology expertise is what sets us apart and enables us to deliver exceptional value to our users.